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Did you know that from the sixth month of pregnancy one out of every two women experience pain in the back and pelvis?

Besides the tried and trusted exercises there is now finally a back band which provides support without exerting pressure on the abdomen. A unique back band for use during pregnancy.

LombaMum® is the only maternity belt to provide support without exerting pressure on the abdomen, combined with a high degree of wearer comfort and one size, fully adjustable, to fit all. A safe support system with unique characteristics.

LombaMum® has a unique bowl-shaped front with a V-shaped rib. It supports the underside of the tummy without exerting pressure on it.


Fully adjustable

LombaMum® is provided with extra bands for variable adjustments and flexible support. This guarantees optimum support throughout the day when different activities are performed.



Premium, soft materials combined with bamboo and a strong Velcro strip ensure that LombaMum® is a very comfortable, attractive and firm fitting back band.


Universal Dimension

LombaMum® is the only lumbar band for use during pregnancy in one universal size. With the extra front band supplied as standard, the product suits women with waist sizes from 82 to 140 cm.