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Who We Are

Who We Are

Thuasne – designer and manufacturer of Lombamum and inventor of the medical lumbar belt. Established 1847 in France, Thuasne’s number one priority is to help people suffering from musculoskeletal problems – and particularly low back pain remain fully mobile and independent.

All Thuasne’s researchers, engineers, technicians and designers liaise constantly with relevant health professionals in France, Germany and the USA.

Innovation, quality, safety and best possible outcomes are integral parts of the Thuasne spirit.

New Vision Healthcare is an Irish owned company based in Co Wicklow, committed to providing ready access to Lombamum and more of the world’s very best orthopaedic products from Thuasne.

At New Vision Healthcare we believe it’s important that patients, clients and consumers receive the most appropriate and effective orthopaedic product to meet their needs. Further products can be found at www.newvision.ie  Lombamum is a unique, trademarked product with years of sales and success in Continental Europe, now available in Ireland.